The Drum Major Coalition

A historic allyship between the country's most powerful people and those fighting for the most marginalized, with the goal of ushering in an era defined by peace, justice, and equity.

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Coalition Members Include…

Mike Novogratz

Dick Parsons

Ben Stiller

Hill Harper

Shelly Tyglieski

Scott Budnick

Bill Derrough

Dyllón Burnside

Gillian Hormel

Rakim Brooks

Bernard Taylor

Bradly Tusk

Rebecca & Cal Henderson

Xander Schultz

Moriah Fund

Hellman Foundation


MoDa Partners

History provides the roadmap.

This is how we realize the Dream.

Progress in this country has always relied on community organizers. Organizers were THE key to the historical victories of the women’s sufferage movement (1920s), the civil rights movement (1960s), the marriage equality movement (2010s) and the 2020 victory over fascism.

Unfortunately, organizers have had very few long-term allies. Support typically peaks for a couple months around each election, and then quickly recedes. Most organizers lack the support needed to work year round, and thus build the necessary power to drive us forward.

However, the dream of building a multi-cultural, multi-racial Democracy that prioritizes social justice, racial equity, and the wellbeing of ALL citizens is still within reach. Realizing the dream, and emerging victorious over modern threats, relies on organizers having a coalition of influential allies who they can rely on for consistent support.

Our Founders MLK III & Arndrea Waters King

The King family has long been central to the effort to build a true, representative American Democracy. MLK III and Arndrea Waters King are continuing that legacy with the Drum Major Coalition.

What do Coalition members do?


Coalition members make a significant four year commitment to our portfolio of Black and Brown led community organizers.


Members join the Kings for their large activations around the King Holiday, “I Have a Dream” speech anniversary, Black History month, and other important moments.


Members receive monthly updates from the field, and provide advice, connections, and new opportunities for our leaders.


The Drum Major Coaltion organically grows through nomination by existing members. We deeply believe that this community will play an important role in the historical victories to come.

Drum Major PAC

Our members support a portfolio of hyper effective Black and Brown led community organizers. Our grantees have been chosen due to their effectiveness and their ability to build power in key swing states and high potential states.

Selection Committee

Our portfolio selection process is led by the Kings and a diverse team of leading democracy experts and investors. Our geographic focus has been carefully chosen and each grantee has been heavily vetted and selected for their effectiveness.

Alex Duran

Galaxy Gives Foundation

Christine White

Georgia Alliance

Joe kennedy iii

Groundwork Project

Taylor Holden

One For Democracy

jason franklin

Movement Voter Project

pastor mike mcbride

Black Church PAC

Our Partners